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Hetaween 2013

A Halloween event by Himaruya Hidekaz for his series Axis Powers Hetalia.
It focuses on a Halloween event in a comic story, drawn requests and other artwork on the side.

【 TIME IN JAPAN 】image Tokyo

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[T/N: "Insulted by Jus*in B*eber" remark probably refers to this]
Hetaween 2013: Comic Update
Translations: hikari_kaitou
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  Anonymous said:
> what the...why do america and england look like south park characters :O

It’s a parody of South Park for a humour effect ^^! 

I don’t watch South Park myself so I can’t tell you exactly what he’s parodying, but it should be something simil ar to a line/quote/scene in the show or maybe just the feeling/idea in that panel!

heta liahalloween:

"If I compare them to elementary school students, this is how it turns out."
Hetaween 2013: Request 51
Translations: hikari_kaitou

[Info] New Zealand

There has been a bit of conflict over New Zealand’s gender for quite a while, but I’ve been asked this a few times in regards to one of today’s update so I will address it here too. 

New Zealand has been confirmed to be male.

This is not a translation error or u sed for convenience/natural flow of a translation, but an actual part of the original text.

Translated version (source):


Original version (source):


Note the use of ‘男子’ (danshi - which means young man) at the end of the sentence in describing what kind of person he is.  ;

I hope that helps clear it up!

On another important note… Please do not try and start drama/conflict over this, I am only stating what is official information as many people were curious; you are still free to choose however you wish to portray/interpret New Zealand ^^;; 

"Because I'm told that he wants to be refused."
Hetaween 2013: Request 49
Translations: yanderenka